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Engler Martin

My part of this project was to modify the sounds at the bytearray-level. It was quite challanging but fun to do. Apart from that, I´m interested in playing the guitar, the drums and the jaw´s harp and doing sports.
contact: martin.engler(@)fh-hagenberg.at
Marty on Myspace
Marty on Vimeo

Brugger Alexander

Leading grafic assistant, manager of the Villa Maria & Co. Factorya who’s troubled by unpunctuality and early hours. Sophisticated knowledge in Flex Artwork and Skinning and further on responsible for catering.
contact: alexander.brugger(@)fh-hagenberg.at
Lex on DeviantArt

Hatzenbichler Dietmar

My part was the programming of the so called “Core” which is a powerful Flex interface with plenty of functionality like drag&drop, screencapture, export…..
Further on I partly took a role in playing the alarm clock for the other team members.
My interests are more survival matters and reach from sleeping to drinking to eating and back to sleeping.
contact: dietmar.hatzenbichler(@)fh-hagenberg.at

Leitner Robert

Like all the others here student for Mediatechnology and –design @ the FH Hagenberg – university of applied sciene. Responsible for the website, CI, documentation an PREZIentation.
Absolutely interested in audio-visual productions as well as shaking to electronic beats and doing “The Bender”.
contact: robert.leitner(@)fh-hagenberg.at

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