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In this section of our website you can download all termpapers of this project. They are written in german, sry for that…

- Project documentation:


- User documentation:


- System documentation:


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PicassoOrchestra 2.0

We proudly present the evolution of Online-Music-Production!

For using the application Adobe FlashPlayer 10 is required. Monitor speakers or headphones recommendet!

So play around (by clicking in the picture below) and leave us your comment about it.

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How to build different styles of music

The pictures below will show you how to build patterns for different kinds of music genres.

This one is for breakbeats…

This one is for dancehall…

This one is for industrial…

And this one is for popmusic…

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Engler Martin

My part of this project was to modify the sounds at the bytearray-level. It was quite challanging but fun to do. Apart from that, I´m interested in playing the guitar, the drums and the jaw´s harp and doing sports.
contact: martin.engler(@)fh-hagenberg.at
Marty on Myspace
Marty on Vimeo

Brugger Alexander

Leading grafic assistant, manager of the Villa Maria & Co. Factorya who’s troubled by unpunctuality and early hours. Sophisticated knowledge in Flex Artwork and Skinning and further on responsible for catering.
contact: alexander.brugger(@)fh-hagenberg.at
Lex on DeviantArt

Hatzenbichler Dietmar

My part was the programming of the so called “Core” which is a powerful Flex interface with plenty of functionality like drag&drop, screencapture, export…..
Further on I partly took a role in playing the alarm clock for the other team members.
My interests are more survival matters and reach from sleeping to drinking to eating and back to sleeping.
contact: dietmar.hatzenbichler(@)fh-hagenberg.at

Leitner Robert

Like all the others here student for Mediatechnology and –design @ the FH Hagenberg – university of applied sciene. Responsible for the website, CI, documentation an PREZIentation.
Absolutely interested in audio-visual productions as well as shaking to electronic beats and doing “The Bender”.
contact: robert.leitner(@)fh-hagenberg.at

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PicassoOrchestra 1.o

This absolutely nice audio-drawing&playing-tool was developed by Martin Engler and Sahra Jakober during the 2nd Semester @ FH Hagenberg/AUSTRIA.


Its concept is as amazing as easy to use: the user only has to take one of the three brushes, dip into one of the three colors and draw lines, points,… whatever you want onto the canvas. Through the programmed algorithmus sound will flow out of your computers speakers as you would draw music. If you want to clear a sound, take the sponge and wipe off the area you want to alter.

So now, if you want to try this application, click onto the picture above. For downloading and using it offline click the link below.
Picasso Orchestra 1.0

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PREZIentation of PicassoOrchestra 2.0

On Thursday, 2nd July 2009, the projectteam of PicassoOrchestra 2.0 will presentate the whole application to the audience of lecturers and students from FH Hagenberg/AUSTRA.
But there will not only our work be presented, also 21 other absolut great project from colleagues from us.

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PicassoOrchestra website relaunched

Hi folks!

Now it’s time to present you the website for our semesterproject called “PicassoOrchestra” at the FH Hagenberg/AUSTRIA during the 4th semester.
Feel free to play around and comment about our work.

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